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Maybe you’ve been following our work through our social media pages,  or maybe you’ve met our rescue team at a community event. We rescue, rehabilitate and love 100+ dogs every year and many of these dogs are neglected, abused and require a great deal of medical care and rehab before they feel healthy and safe. We can only do this with our sponsors and donors. 

Dogs like LaLa. When rescued she was a a young dog, only 4 years old, now she's  nearly 8. Over breeding and untreated diabetes led her to be abandoned at the shelter in a skeletal state and totally blind. The shelter didn't have the resources to take care of her. She would have been put down as her only option. We stepped in and with your help, she is thriving. She gives back with our partners at Pitty Pawfessors by teaching kids that differences are okay and even though she's blind and needs shots every day, she can still love and play just like any other dog. 

We want LaLa to be cared for forever, and that is why she is a  beloved Forever Foster dogs. Forever Fosters are hospice dog that stays with our rescue forever since her diabetes means that in addition to her twice-daily insulin shots, she will need extra medical care for the rest of her life. We can't change her past but we can guarantee LaLa a loving and safe future so that she can kiss as many kids and people that she wants. 
We are asking YOU to join this special giving program, Live Love Leaders. Your monthly gift will ensure that we are able to keep our doors open to save the dogs that need us. Like LaLa. And, like Mille, an abandoned bulldog with terrible skin and masses. And like Fergie, a sweet Cocker Spaniel whose owners took her to the shelter at in a fragile medical state so she would be put down without them even staying with her. You believe that these pups have more life, more love and more joy to experience. We do too. Your consistent support will allow us to say "Yes" right away to the LaLas, Millies and Fergies, to help us plan for the future, reduce the time we spend on emergency fundraisers and allow us to spend more time focused on the rescue animals.

Live Love Leaders are our monthly giving angels that truly keep the rescue running! With as little as $3, $5 or $10 per month, you make rescue magic happen, and our rescue dogs thank YOU for being their hero. Be the dog rescuer you know you are. Be a Leader in Love. 

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